rant against the ferguson riots-

Why is it that blacks can kill people and no one cares. But when one black got gets shot by a white cop. It’s a national crisis. I don’t remember  Obama   speaking out when a nine month old black baby was shot in Atlanta. If the shooter was white he would have. I do not judge Obama and others by the color of their skin. I judge them by the content of their character.

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

US army releases footage of Robin Williams entertaining troops 

Testing the Draw app in Google Hangouts- As you can see from the video I suck at drawing. I would love to see what someone good at drawing could do with the app.

 Israel vs Hamas = Good vs Evil 

I just wanted to state my position on the Israel / Hamas conflict in Gaza. I stand with Israel.

Review of Sarah Palin Channel 

Sweet Jesus Move by Marisa - christian music 

Guy on subway with - Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear sneakers 

Review of the IVSO bluetooth keyboard case for the Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet

World War II documentary - The Battle of San Pietro 

The Battle of San Pietro is a documentary film directed by John Huston about the Battle of San Pietro Infine sixty miles from Naples during World War II. It was shot by Jules Buck. It was released in the U.S. in 1945 but shown to U.S. troops earlier.

Huston and his crew were attached to the U.S. Army’s 143rd Regiment of the 36th Division. Unlike many other military documentaries, it was claimed Huston’s cameramen filmed alongside the infantrymen as they fought their way up the hills to reach San Pietro. These cameramen were in just as much danger as the soldiers on the ground, often within a few feet of mortars and shells exploding and bullets ricocheting nearby. This claim has recently been called into question by Mark Harris’ book Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War.

The film is unflinching in its realism. One scene includes close-up views of the faces of dead soldiers as they are being loaded into body bags, a level of realism unheard of in both fictional portrayals as well as newsreel footage of the time. The United States Army delayed its release to the public.

Because it showed dead GIs wrapped in mattress covers, some officers tried to prevent soldiers in training from seeing it, for fear of damaging morale. General George Marshall came to Huston and the film’s defense, stating that because of the film’s gritty realism, it would make a good training film. The depiction of death would inspire soldiers to take their training more seriously.

Huston quickly became unpopular with the Army, not only for the film but also for his response to the accusation that the film was anti-war. Huston responded that if he ever made a pro-war film, he should be shot.The film was screened to U.S. troops in North Africa in 1944, where John Horne Burns described it in a letter as “almost more than any heart can stand”.Huston was no longer considered a pariah; he was decorated and eventually promoted to major.

In 1991, The Battle of San Pietro was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigns. Will this make the Department of Veterans Affairs better ? Will this have any long term impact at all. No, this only matters in the world of politics. No one is talking about any real long term plans to make the VA better. There has been many problems with the VA for many years. The government is just not capable of giving vets the care they need. They have shown this time and time again. We just can’t keep waiting on the government as they keep trying to get it right. 10 years from now I’m sure we will be talking about the problems with the VA. They are only two ways to make the VA better.

Number 1 - Do not tie down the vets to VA hospitals for care. Vets should be able to go to any hospital , any doctor at any time. And this should not costs the Vets any extra money. This should have always been the way the VA worked.

Number 2 - Fire everyone at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Staff the VA hospitals with military personnel. Make the VA a division of the Department of Defense. This would streamlined paperwork and processing time.

I think these are the only two options. I don’t think anything else will make any difference.

Can the Department of Veterans Affairs be saved? Will the VA every be what it needs to be, what it should be? Do you trust Barack Obama to make it better?

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